Arizona CNA License Lookup & Verification

The Arizona State Board of Nursing licenses and certifies all CNAs in the state. The board provides an online license lookup service, which allows users to search for current and inactive CNAs by name or license number. You can also verify a CNA’s license status online using the system.

The following are instructions for conducting an online CNA license verification as well as a license number lookup for Arizona CNAs.

How to verify a Arizona CNA license number

To get started, access the Arizona State Board of Nursing License/Certificate Verification Portal page.

Click on the “Search by License Number” option and input the license number. For License type select “CNA”.

The following verification search results page will display name, license or certification type, as well as the matching license or certificate number. For more information about the status of the license you must select the “View Report” option, which will take you to a PDF download page. The PDF report provides additional details including whether the license number is active or expired, the original issue date, the current expiration date, the compact status, and any disciplines associated with the license.

How to lookup a Arizona CNA license number

The process for looking up a CNA license number in Arizona is similar to the process of verifying a license number.

On the Enter the Arizona State Board of Nursing License/Certificate Verification Portal website select the “Search by Name” option. Input the CNA’s last name, first name, and license type. Any matching fields in the database will be displayed in the search results along with the CNA license number.

The website also enables users to search by NCSBN ID number to lookup or verify a license number or certificate status.

Why do I have a CNA license number?

All licensed CNAs in Arizona are required to have a CNA license number. The number is used for identification purposes and must be displayed on your name badge when working as a CNA.

Your Arizona CNA license number is also required when renewing your license or certificate every two years. The board offers an online renewal system that allows you to renew your license and pay the required fees online.

What if I can’t find my CNA license certificate?

You should have received a CNA license certificate upon completing a certified nursing assistant program and passing the state certification exam. The certificate is proof that you are licensed to work as a CNA in Arizona.

If you cannot find your CNA license certificate, you may be able to request a duplicate copy of your license from the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Duplicate licenses cost $25 and can be requested by completing the Duplicate License Request Form and submitting it to the board along with the required fee.

You may also be able to obtain your license number by contacting the board directly.

What if my name is misspelled on my CNA license certificate?

If your name is misspelled on your CNA license certificate, or if you have changed names since acquiring your CNA license, you can request a corrected copy of your license from the Arizona State Board of Nursing. There is no fee for requesting a corrected license. To do so, a Name Change/Correction Request Form and submit it to the board.

Where can I find more information about CNAs in Arizona?

We provide information for CNAs located in Arizona on our Arizona Nurse Aide Registry page where you can find information about how to become a CNA, renew your license, and much more.