CNA Classes in Albuquerque

As a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) in Albuquerque, you will have an essential role in providing quality care for patients in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. To work as a CNA in Albuquerque, you must have a New Mexico state-approved certification. You can obtain the certification by completing an approved training program and passing the state competency exam. We’ve put together a list of the Albuquerque area’s best CNA classes including online classes, hybrid programs, in-person CNA training, and even some free CNA classes.

Working as a CNA requires a lot of patience and compassion. You will be working with patients who are often elderly or have health issues, so it’s important to have empathy and understanding. Good communication skills are essential as a CNA. You will need to communicate effectively with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals. It’s important to follow all safety protocols to prevent the spread of infections and ensure the safety of yourself and your patients. As a CNA, you will have a lot of responsibilities, so it’s important to stay organized and keep track of your tasks.

Overall, working as a CNA can be a rewarding and fulfilling career. You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families.


  1. There are an estimated 1,850 Certified Nurse Assistants employed in the Albuquerque area. There are 13 hospitals in Albuquerque, such as the University of New Mexico Hospital, Lovelace Medical Center, and Kaseman Presbyterian Hospital as well as dozens of nursing homes and long-term care facilities for CNAs to work in.
  2. CNAs in Albuquerque can make as much as  $37,650 according to the May 2024 data published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, depending on their work experience and place of employment.
  3. The Albuquerque area has several CNA programs in for those looking to earn their CNA certification, including online, traditional, and vocational programs.
  4. Many of the CNA programs in the Albuquerque area offer 4-week or shorter accelerated programs to quickly CNAs to their certification and begin working and earning an income.

CNA Requirements in Albuquerque

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Albuquerque, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a state-approved CNA training program that includes at least 75 hours of training, including classroom instruction and clinical experience. This must include at least 59 classroom hours and 16 hours of clinical experience.
  • Age requirement: You must be at least 16 years old to enroll in a CNA training program.
  • Criminal background check: You will be required to undergo a criminal background check as part of the certification process.
  • Health requirements: You must be in good health and provide documentation of immunizations and a negative tuberculosis (TB) test.
  • English proficiency: You must have a good command of the English language, including reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Competency evaluation: After completing the CNA training program, you will need to pass a state-approved competency evaluation that includes a written test and a skills demonstration.
  • Certification: After successfully completing the competency evaluation, you will be added to the New Mexico Nurse Aide Registry and issued a CNA certification.

It’s important to note that CNA requirements may change over time, and some individual CNA classes have their own specific requirements, so be sure to check the specific requirements for New Mexico and Albuquerque before pursuing CNA certification.

The Best CNA Classes Near Albuquerque

Looking to start a fulfilling career in healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the Albuquerque area? We’ve got you covered! Our team has done the research to bring you the top ten CNA programs in the region, so you can jumpstart your educational and career journey.

Whether you’re seeking an affordable option, a convenient location, or a comprehensive curriculum, our list has something for everyone. So, why wait? Check out our picks below for the best CNA classes near you in Albuquerque and take the first step toward your dream career today.

1Central New Mexico Community College505.224.3000
2Corus Academy505.453.3993
4Pima Medical Institute800.477.7462
5Early College Academy Career Enrichment Center505.855.9040
6New Mexico Junior College575.392.4510
7Northern New Mexico College505.747.2209
8UNM Los Alamos505.662.5919
9Albuquerque Job Corps Center800.733.5627
10Universal Care Home Health Agency505.266.1958

Central New Mexico Community College

Central New Mexico Community College offers a Nursing Assistant program that can be completed in just one semester. This program prepares students to work directly with nursing staff to provide direct patient care in a variety of healthcare settings. Students who secure a position as a CNA while pursuing a Nursing Degree increase their chances of being hired within that facility when they graduate.

The state certification exam for CNAs is offered at the CNM Main Campus and faculty members host review sessions to help students prepare. In addition, the supplemental skills lab provides students with extra practice time in a lab setting and is designed for both current students and graduates of the program to practice skills and prepare for the state certification exam.

Price: $504 – credit hours only
Address: 900 University Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: 505.224.3000
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: Job Connection Services will help students find employment opportunities.

Corus Academy **Accelerated CNA Classes in Albuquerque

Corus Academy offers a Nursing Assistant class that aims to provide students with the fundamental knowledge required to become a certified nursing assistant. This program equips students with the skills to assist patients with their daily living activities and report to the nurse regarding their patient care assignments. Students will have to complete the state certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. All class hours are mandatory and non-refundable. As a prerequisite, students must be 18 years of age and able to pass a background check.

Students can choose from three options, including a Face to Face Accelerated 10-Day Class, Modified Hours Extended Class, and Virtual CNA Program. Face to Face Accelerated Class duration is 10 days at 7.5 hours per day. Modified Hours Extended Class duration is two weeks at 4 hours per day, with the third week consisting of 3 full days of lab training and 2 full days of clinical training.

The virtual CNA program is offered via partnership with American Red Cross, which is 75% online and monitored by a designated Corus Academy instructor. The requirements for Face to Face classes include 3 days of lab training and 2 days of clinical training.

Price: $1,000 – $1,600
Address: 105 Hospital Loop NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: 505.453.3993
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Accelerated 10-day class available. Morning and afternoon class options, as well as hybrid online CNA classes.


Sevenwonders Education Training and Learning Center offers comprehensive training for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Medication Assistant (CMA).

The CNA program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide basic care to patients. CNAs work alongside Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals, assisting patients with daily tasks and monitoring their well-being.

With Sevenwonders Education Training and Learning Center, students can expect a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and experienced instructors. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to take the state certification exam and embark on a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Price: $967.50 – does not include background check or TB tests
Address: 2340 Alamo Ave. SE, Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: 505.539.5488
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: 10-day, 20-day, and 5-week courses.

Pima Medical Institute **Hybrid-Online CNA Classes

Pima Medical Institute’s CNA classes provide a comprehensive training program for individuals who aspire to work in the healthcare industry as entry-level nursing assistants or nurse aides. Their courses encompass a wide range of topics relevant to nursing assistants, including essential nursing skills, emergency procedures, and infection control. The program also emphasizes the development of professional abilities such as communication and interpersonal skills.

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide excellent care to patients and assist registered nurses in a clinical setting.

Price: $1,913
Address: 4400 Cutler Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: 800.477.7462
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: 6-week program with online options.

Early College Academy Career Enrichment Center

The Early College Academy Career Enrichment Center offers a Central New Mexico College/CEC Dual Credit Program for aspiring nursing assistants. In just one semester, students can earn seven college credits while gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the healthcare job market. The program includes nursing assistant skills, basic anatomy and physiology, infection control, and an emphasis on communication, professionalism, and compassion.

Students will also be prepared for the state Nursing Assistant Certification Exam. To be eligible, students must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, a Reading Accuplacer minimum score of 238, and must be a Junior or Senior in High School. Students must also be capable of performing physical requirements and comply with CNM compliance and background requirements, as outlined on the CNM website.

Price: $0 – free for high school students.
Address: 807 Mountain Rd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505.855.9040
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Course for high school students interested in the health care industry, earns credits toward Central New Mexico Community College.

New Mexico Junior College

New Mexico Junior College has added a new program to its curriculum that will allow students to begin working immediately in the healthcare profession. The CNA course is a one-semester program with classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Students will receive classroom instruction and supervised clinical practice to provide direct care to patients. The course will cover skills such as patient assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, transfer and positioning, vital sign measurement, intake and output measurement, restorative care, and communications. The CNA course is a five-credit hour course with a lab component.

To register for the course, students must speak to one of the advisors in the Academic Advising Office. However, there are some special requirements, including obtaining face-to-face CPR certification for healthcare providers. Students are advised to call their local Fire Department to see if they are offering any CPR classes.

Price: Contact the school for current fees.
Address: 1 Thunderbird Circle
Hobbs, NM 88240
Phone: 575.392.4510
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Must work with advisory staff before registering.

Northern New Mexico College

Northern New Mexico College offers CNA classes for those who are interested in starting a career in the healthcare industry. The CNA course includes classroom instruction and supervised clinical training to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist patients with their daily living needs.

Students will learn basic anatomy and physiology, infection control, and patient care skills, such as feeding, nutrition, bathing, dressing, and positioning. There are three required courses as part of the CNA program, for a total of six credits.

Price: $1,266
Address: 921 N. Paseo de Oñate
Española, NM 87532
Phone: 505.747.2209
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Financial aid options for qualified students.

UNM Los Alamos

UNM Los Alamos offers a comprehensive Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program that prepares students for certification through Prometric. Upon completion of classroom instruction and competency testing, students will receive a UNM-LA certificate.

In this program, students will learn a variety of hands-on skills, including administering CPR and first aid, monitoring vital signs, assisting with patient mobility, and performing range of motion exercises. Additionally, students will study topics such as basic anatomy and physiology, human development and aging, and infection prevention.

The CNA program at UNM Los Alamos is a 16-week, 8-credit course that includes a minimum of 75 clock-hours of training and at least 16 hours of supervised patient care in a clinical setting. Students will be responsible for tuition and fees for 8 credits, as well as the cost of necessary vaccinations and a background check.

Price: $656 – tuition only.
Address: 4000 University Dr.
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
Phone: 505.662.5919
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Program can be completed in 16 weeks.

Albuquerque Job Corps Center **Free CNA Classes

Prospective students who enroll in the CNA program at Albuquerque Job Corps Center can expect to receive training in a variety of subject areas. These include caring for patients, assisting with daily activities like bathing and dressing, taking and recording vital signs, and controlling infections.

In addition to learning how to care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, students must also comply with state requirements before entering the program. This includes completing a training program that meets federal content requirements, passing a criminal background check, and meeting basic academic requirements in math and reading.

Upon completing the program, students will have the opportunity to earn credentials in their training area, which can lead to greater employment opportunities, higher wages, and promotions. Overall, the CNA program at Albuquerque Job Corps Center offers an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing a career in healthcare to gain valuable knowledge and skills in a supportive environment.

Price: $0
Address: 1500 Indian School Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104-2306
Phone: 800.733.5627
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Hands-on job training with top-quality facilities.

Universal Care Home Health Agency

Universal Care Home Health Agency provides a comprehensive Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program that enables individuals to offer compassionate and dedicated assistance to patients with day-to-day life tasks. The program offers day and evening classes, and students can earn their certification in just four weeks.

In-house financing is available, and monthly classes are offered to accommodate students’ schedules. The program includes training in CPR, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens to ensure that students are prepared to handle emergency situations.

Universal Care Home Health Agency is also home to an LPN program that provides students with further opportunities to advance their healthcare careers.

The agency is also an on-site testing center for the State Exam, making it convenient and accessible for students to complete their certification process. Overall, the CNA program at Universal Care Home Health Agency provides an excellent pathway for individuals to pursue a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Price: Contact the agency for current costs.
Address: 2617 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE Suite A.
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Phone: 505.266.1958
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Day and evening classes. The fast track program can be completed in only four weeks.

How Much Do CNAs Get Paid in Albuquerque?

The average salary for CNAs in Albuquerque is $37,650 per year or $18.10 per hour according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This is higher than the New Mexico state average of $37,030 and it is lower than the U.S. average of $39,610 annually.

CNAs EmployedAvg. Annual PayAvg. Hourly Pay
New Mexico4,460$37,030$17.80
United States1,351,760$39,610$19.04

How Much Do CNA Courses Cost in Albuquerque?

The cost of CNA courses in Albuquerque can vary depending on the program and the institution offering the training. Typically, the cost of CNA courses in Albuquerque ranges from around $900 to $1,500.

Some community colleges and vocational schools in Albuquerque offer CNA courses at a lower cost than private institutions. In addition, some employers may offer free or low-cost CNA training programs in exchange for a commitment to work for them after certification.

It’s important to note that the cost of CNA courses usually includes tuition, textbooks, and supplies such as scrubs, stethoscopes, and other necessary equipment. However, some additional fees such as background checks, drug screenings, and the state certification exam fee may be required and not included in the course fee.

It’s a good idea to research and compare the costs of different CNA training programs in Albuquerque to find the best option for your budget and needs.

Job Opportunities for CNAs in Albuquerque

As of the most recent Bureau of Labor and Statistics report, there are approximately 4,670 CNAs working in the Albuquerque area. The table below illustrates the top industries in the area employing nursing assistants.

Industry TypeAlbuquerque Total Employment
Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)864
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals708
Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly258
Home Health Care Services153
Employment Services71
Individual and Family Services66
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals48
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)47
Offices of Physicians32
Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)29
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)26
Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities22

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