CNA Classes in Louisville

As a certified nursing assistant in Louisville, Kentucky, you will be working in a healthcare setting providing direct patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). Your role will involve a range of duties, such as:

  • Assisting patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
  • Helping patients with mobility and transfers, such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair
  • Monitoring patients’ vital signs and reporting any changes to the nurse
  • Assisting with feeding and hydration, including serving meals and providing water or other fluids
  • Documenting patient care activities and observations in medical records
  • Assisting with medical procedures, such as taking blood pressure or administering medication
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families


  1. There are an estimated 6,620 Certified Nurse Assistants and State Registered Nurse Aides (SRNAs) employed in the Louisville metro area.  There are 14 major hospitals in Louisville and dozens of assisted living centers.
  2. CNAs in Louisville can make up to $40,310 on the higher end of the wage scale.
  3. Louisville has several CNA programs in Louisville that offer several different options for candidates on their preferences
  4. Many of the CNA programs in the Louisville area offer online, 2-week and 4-week track programs so aspiring CNAs can get qualified and enter the workforce.

CNA Requirements in Louisville

To become a CNA in Kentucky, you must meet certain requirements and complete the following steps:

You must complete a state-approved CNA training program. The program must be approved by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and meet or exceed 75 hours of training with at least:

  • 59 hours of classroom education
  • 16 minimum hours of hands-on clinical experience.

Pass a competency exam: After completing your training program, you must pass a competency exam, which consists of both a written and a skills test.

Submit a background check: You must submit a criminal background check, including fingerprinting, to the Kentucky State Police. The background check must be completed within six months of your exam date.

Apply for certification: Once you have passed the competency exam and completed the background check, you can apply for certification through the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry.

CNA Classes Near Louisville

Ready for the top CNA programs in Louisville? Look no further! From courses to certifications, check out our list of the best of the best. Learn about each program’s pricing and key details, so you can make an informed decision on your next big step. Here are our top 10 CNA schools in Louisville:

1RightChoice Nurse Aide Training2301 Hurstbourne Village Dr., Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40299502.974.2541
2Health Education Center3903 Vantage Place, Louisville, KY 40299502.762.5151
3Kentucky Health Care Training Institute3010 Taylor Springs Dr., Louisville, KY 40220502.458.4588
4Health Careers Training Institute1450 Gardiner Lane, Suite E, Louisville KY 40213502.702.6333
5Healthcare Essentials Training Institute3135 Commerce Center Place, Louisville, KY 40211502.309.4104
6University of Kentucky SRNA Training751 Rose St., Lexington, KY 40536859.323.5108
7Jefferson Community & Technical College109 East Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202502.213.5333
8Healthcare Training of Kentucky4825 S 3rd St. Suite A, Louisville, KY 40214502.822.3210
9Ednaka-ISTK Online CNA School3500 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 40218502.276.4691
10Louisville School of Nursing555 S Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40202502.852.5825

RightChoice Nurse Aide Training

RightChoice Nurse Aide Training offers a comprehensive SRNA training program with over 10 years of proven success. Students have the flexibility of self-paced online learning, allowing them to study at their own pace. The program fee is all-inclusive, with added value such as a hard copy of the course textbook, scrub top, and background check costs included.

RightChoice also provides a book bag, and other added benefits, which can be found in the “Why We Are Different” section on their website. The primary objective of this course is to prepare students to pass the state exam to become a State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA). As the demand for healthcare services continues to rise, students who successfully complete the program will be well-positioned to further their career in nursing if they choose.

Price: $725
Address: 2301 Hurstbourne Village Dr.
Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40299
Phone: 502.974.2541
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Online course options available. Flexible payment plans.

Health Education Center **Affordable SRNA Classes

Prospective students who prioritize accessibility, time, and money can find what they’re looking for at Health Education Center. The innovative online approach to traditional SRNA training offers numerous benefits, which can be found by clicking here to learn more.

Current students at Health Education Center can access all the necessary documents, online modules, and information required to succeed in their educational journey.

Instructors at Health Education Center have access to a range of tools to manage their classes. They can log in to register new students, complete skills and clinical checklists, enter hand-written final exam scores, and issue certificates of completion to their students.

Price: $730
Address: 3903 Vantage Place
Louisville, KY 40299
Phone: 502.762.5151
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Online courses available.

Kentucky Health Care Training Institute

Kentucky Health Care Training Institute is celebrating its 30th year of training nurse aides with an exceptional program. The school is licensed by the State Board for Proprietary Education and approved by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services to offer nurse aide training. The group of instructors has over 40 years of healthcare teaching experience and is dedicated to training quality nurse aides.

Located centrally and on a TARC bus line, the program’s total cost is $830.00, which includes tuition, textbook, mandatory background report, liability insurance, and state testing fee. The 75-hour nurse aide training takes 10 days (2 weeks). For the course, the student will need a uniform (any color or style) that will be worn on both classroom and clinical days. The cost of the uniform is not included in the tuition charge.

Price: $830 – includes tuition, textbook, background check, liability insurance, state testing fees.
Address: 3010 Taylor Springs Dr.
Louisville, KY 40220
Phone: 502.458.4588
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: 30+ years of educational experience.

Health Careers Training Institute

Health Careers Training Institute is the perfect place to start a promising career in healthcare. The institute equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become exceptional nurse assistants and enhance the lives they touch. CNA/SRNAs are the lifeblood of healthcare, and HCTI offers a three-week SRNA/CNA training program that is affordable, of high quality, and short-term.

As a woman and minority-owned business, HCTI offers smaller class sizes and instructors who are dedicated to the health career success of every student. The intense three-week CNA program provides individualized attention to every student’s learning needs in both classroom and clinical settings. The cost of the program is highly competitive and affordable, with payment options to fit every budget. HCTI accepts traditional methods of payment such as cash, debit/credit cards, as well as Cash App, AfterPay, PayPal, and some referral vouchers.

HCTI offers job-placement assistance and job preparation training, including interviewing skills and techniques, and etiquette.

Price: $750
Address: 1450 Gardiner Lane, Suite E
Louisville KY 40213
Phone: 502.702.6333
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: 3-week, 75 hour accelerated SRNA course.

Healthcare Essentials Training Institute **Blended Online CNA Course Option

Healthcare Essentials Training Institute provides a 75-hour Nurse Aide Training Program approved by the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Department of Health and Family Services. The course is divided into 59 hours of online instruction and 16 hours of hands-on clinical practice, offered in a self-paced format that spans three weeks. The program prepares students to provide basic nursing care to residents in long-term care facilities.

For blended training that includes both online and onsite clinical practice, the fee is $1,150. The onsite clinical practice allows students to receive hands-on experience and training.

The course is also offered on campus for those who prefer a more traditional classroom setting. The program is completed over 13 days, either in the morning or evenings, with 59 hours in the classroom and 16 hours of clinical education. The program fee for campus training is $850.

Price: $850 – $1,150
Address: 3135 Commerce Center Place
Louisville, KY 40211
Phone: 502.309.4104
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Traditional in-person or hybrid SRNA classes available.

University of Kentucky SRNA Training

The SRNA Training Program at the University of Kentucky is designed for individuals aged 17 and above, and it prepares them to deliver high-quality patient/resident care under the guidance of licensed nurses. The program focuses on communication, infection control, safety, patient/resident rights, and basic nursing skills.

After completing the training program, students become eligible to take the SRNA competency evaluation/exam. Students have one year after completing the training to qualify for the state exam.

The program consists of 75 hours, 59 hours of which are completed online in theory courses and 16 hours of supervised in-person clinical practice. The online theory courses are 100 percent online, while clinical hours must be completed in Lexington.

There are two course options available: the two-week course, which meets three times per week for two consecutive weeks in addition to independent study and clinical practice requirements, and the four-week course, which meets once a week for four consecutive weeks in addition to independent study and clinical practice requirements. SRNA training is offered throughout the year.

Price: Contact the school for current course fees.
Address: 315 College of Nursing Building
751 Rose Street
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40536
Phone: 859.323.5108
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Online registration available. Discounted CPR certifications available for students.

Jefferson Community & Technical College

Jefferson Community & Technical College offers a Kentucky Nurse Aide Certification State Testing (KNAT) program that prepares students to take the state written examination and skill competency evaluation to become listed on the State Nurse Aide Registry. After completing the program, students are eligible to take the state certification exam for one year. The program can be completed in one semester and leads to a Medicaid Nurse Aide certificate.

Prospective students who are not currently enrolled at the college need to enroll, while current students can enroll by signing into their student-service online account. Upon enrolling in HST 104, students will receive an email about requirements that must be complete by the clinical portion of the class. It is important to work with a faculty advisor to ensure that all degree requirements are met.

Price: $546-$1,092
Address: 109 East Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502.213.5333
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: It takes only one semester to complete the program.

Healthcare Training of Kentucky

When someone becomes a CNA, they take on a critical role in patient care. Healthcare Training of Kentucky is proud to offer a 4-week CNA program in Louisville, KY that is designed to prepare students for the Kentucky State Registered Nurse Aid (SRNA) Competency Evaluation Program (CEP).

With a focus on high-quality, direct patient care, this program offers hands-on instruction and small class sizes for more individual attention. Tuition for the program is $765.00, and payment plan options are available to make it more accessible for those who wish to pursue this rewarding career path.

Whether someone is just starting out in healthcare or looking to take their career to the next level, Healthcare Training of Kentucky’s CNA classes can help them achieve their goals.

Price: $765
Address: 4825 S 3rd St. Suite A
Louisville, KY 40214
Phone: 502.822.3210
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: 4-week accelerated CNA course located in downtown Louisville.

Ednaka-ISTK Online CNA School

Ednaka-ISTK Online CNA School offers high-quality CNA classes that are designed to prepare students for success in this rewarding field.

This comprehensive program provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver exceptional patient care. With a focus on hands-on training and individual attention, their experienced instructors help students develop the skills needed to pass the state competency exam and become a licensed CNA.

Price: Contact the program for current fees.
Address: 3500 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40218
Phone: 502.276.4691
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Online CNA courses available.

Louisville School of Nursing

The Louisville School of Nursing offers a pre-licensure program that requires students to complete training as a nursing assistant or nurse aide before beginning Upper Division. This is a clinical compliance requirement, and documentation of completion must be submitted to the Office of Student Services by the established due date.

To meet this requirement, students have four options:

Successfully complete NURS 221: Principles of Basic Patient Care with a C or higher.

Submit documentation of 100 hours of direct health patient care work experience within the past 12 months of the upper division clinical compliance deadline, including the performance of NAT skills. Documentation must be submitted using the Work Validation Form.

Provide documentation of completion of a Medicaid-approved State Registered Nursing Aide Program. The SRNA certificate exam is not required.

Possess active certification as a State Registered Nursing Aide (SNRA). Students meeting this requirement must submit proof of SNRA certification from the Nurse Aide Registry.

The Louisville School of Nursing is committed to providing students with the training and experience necessary to succeed in the healthcare field. With these options for meeting the clinical compliance requirement, students have the flexibility to choose the path that best fits their needs and goals.

Price: Contact the school for current credit hour costs.
Address: 555 S Floyd St.
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502.852.5825
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: NURS 221 is the required course for achieving the Louisville School of Nursing’s requirements for NAT training.

How Much Do CNAs Get Paid in Louisville?

The average salary for CNAs in Louisville is $34,580 per year or $15.09 per hour according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This wage is higher than the Kentucky state average of $32,180, but it is lower than the U.S. average of $36,220 annually.

CNAs EmployedAvg. Annual PayAvg. Hourly Pay
United States1,310,090$36,220$17.41

How Much Do CNA Courses Cost in Louisville?

CNA classes offered by community colleges can cost between $550 and $1,000, which may or may not include the cost of textbooks, uniforms, and supplies. Vocational schools in Louisville can charge between $700 and $1,250 for their CNA courses, which can last for four to eight weeks. Some nursing homes in Louisville may also offer free CNA training programs, but you will be required to work for the facility for a certain period after completing the training.

Job Opportunities for CNAs in Louisville

As of the most recent Bureau of Labor and Statistics report, they are approximately 6,620 CNAs working in the Louisville metro area. With the demand for healthcare services growing, job opportunities for CNAs will continue to increase. View the types of places of employment nurse assistants in the Louisville area are most likely to be working in:

Industry TypeLouisville Total Employment
Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)2,372
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals1,946
Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly709
Home Health Care Services421
Employment Services196
Individual and Family Services183
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals131
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)130
Offices of Physicians88
Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)81
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)71
Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities60
Outpatient Care Centers60

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