CNA Classes in Memphis

As a CNA in Memphis, you will be providing essential care and support to patients in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies. Your responsibilities may include helping patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, as well as assisting with mobility and transfers, feeding, and toileting. You may also be responsible for taking vital signs, recording patient information, and reporting any changes in the patient’s condition to the nursing staff.

To work as a CNA in Memphis, you will need to complete a state-approved CNA training program and pass a competency exam. The Tennessee Department of Health maintains a registry of certified CNAs in the state, and you will need to be listed on this registry in order to work legally as a CNA.

There are many healthcare facilities in Memphis that hire CNAs, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies. You can search for job openings online, through job placement services, or by contacting healthcare facilities directly.

Working as a CNA can be a challenging but rewarding job, as you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients who need your help and support. It can also be a good stepping stone to other healthcare careers, such as nursing or medical assisting.


  1. There are an estimated 3,990 Certified Nurse Assistants employed in the Memphis metro area.  There are nearly 30 hospitals and medical centers in Memphis as well as several nursing homes and assisted living centers for CNAs to work in.
  2. CNAs in Memphis can as much as $37,020 depending on their experience and place of employment.
  3. Memphis offers many high-quality CNA programs in Memphis for those looking for both traditional and accelerated programs
  4. Many of the CNA programs in the Memphis area offer 4-week track programs for CNAs to their certification and begin working and earning an income.

CNA Requirements in Memphis

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Memphis, you must meet the following requirements for the state of Tennessee:

Complete a state-approved training program: In Tennessee, CNA training programs must be at least 75 hours long and include both classroom and clinical training. You must complete the training program before you can take the CNA certification exam.


  • 75 total hours
  • 40 hour of classroom
  • 35 hours of supervised clinical training

Pass the CNA certification exam: The exam is administered by D&S Diversified Technologies on behalf of the Tennessee Department of Health. The exam consists of a written or oral portion, as well as a skills demonstration portion. You must pass both portions of the exam to become certified.

Pass a criminal background check: Before you can become certified as a CNA in Tennessee, you must pass a criminal background check. Certain criminal convictions may disqualify you from becoming a CNA.

Be at least 18 years old: In Tennessee, you must be at least 18 years old to become a CNA.

Be able to speak and understand English: To become a CNA in Tennessee, you must be able to speak and understand English well enough to communicate with patients and other healthcare providers.

Once you have met these requirements, you can apply to the Tennessee Department of Health to become a certified nursing assistant in Memphis.

The Best CNA Classes Near Memphis

From courses to certifications, check out our list of the premier CNA schools and training providers near you. With pricing and key details for each program, you can be sure to make an informed decision on your next big step. Here’s our roundup of the leading CNA programs in Memphis:

1Career Academy Memphis3355 Poplar Avenue, Suite 100G, Memphis, TN 38111901.761.4500
2The Healthcare Institute of Tennessee7253 Winchester Rd., Memphis, TN 38125901.244.0844
3William and Johnson Career College4400 Hickory Hill Rd., Memphis, TN 38141901.650.7340
4The Healthcare Readiness Institute3540 Summer Avenue Ste. 203, Memphis, TN 38122901.246.8613
5Training Hearts Academy4466 Elvis Presley Blvd. Suite 149, Memphis, TN 38116901.512.7429
6Sincere Healthcare Institute5507 Winchester Road Suite 2, Memphis, TN 38115901.512.6290
7The Allegiant Institute of Healthcare Solutions LLC3850 Viscount Ave., Memphis, TN 38118901.654.8183
8Mid-South Career Training Center2546 Appling Rd., Memphis, TN 38133901.833.7084
9Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center1555 McAlister Dr., Memphis, TN 38116800.133.5627

Career Academy Memphis

Led by a member of the State Test Advisory Board, the program offers high-quality instruction from experienced nurses, and students benefit from contacts in many healthcare facilities. As a State Test Site, students can take the state competency exam on-site, saving them time and hassle.

The program is available in both a 4-week day and a 6-week evening format, with class and clinical time included. Classes are held Monday-Friday from 8:30-2:30 (day) or 5:00-9:00 (evening). Tuition is $1350 and covers the cost of the book, CPR certification, state test, and registration fee.

Career Academy Memphis also offers job placement assistance to help graduates get started in their new careers. With an emphasis on quality instruction and career support, Career Academy Memphis is the perfect choice for anyone looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Price: $1,350
Address: 3355 Poplar Avenue, Suite 100G
Memphis, TN 38111
Phone: 901.761.4500
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: 4-week day and 6-week evening classes available.

The Healthcare Institute of Tennessee **Accelerated 3-Week CNA Course

The Healthcare Institute of Tennessee’s Nursing Assistant program offers comprehensive training that prepares students to become Certified Nursing Assistants in a variety of healthcare settings, including long-term care, intermediate care, and acute care. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including physiology, psychology, and basic nursing care needs, with a primary focus on long-term care.

Students will learn through a variety of teaching methods, including hands-on practice, discussion, instructional videos, computer-aided technology, and laboratory and clinical experience. With no classes currently scheduled for the first and second trimester, students have the flexibility to choose the pace that suits their needs.

The Healthcare Institute of Tennessee offers two options to complete the required hours for CNA certification: an accelerated 3-week day program that meets Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM with varied clinical hours, and an evening program that meets Monday-Thursday from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM, also with varied clinical hours.

Price: $1,350 – includes books, supplies, and fees.
Address: 7253 Winchester Rd.
Memphis, TN 38125
Phone: 901.244.0844
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: 3 or 5-week course options available.

William and Johnson Career College **Free CNA Classes in Memphis

William and Johnson Career College offers an outstanding CNA program that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful Certified Nursing Assistants. The program is designed to teach students the basics of patient care, including basic nursing procedures, communication, and infection control.

With experienced instructors and small class sizes, students receive individualized attention and instruction that prepares them for a successful career in the healthcare industry. The program is flexible and can be completed in as little as four weeks.

Upon graduation, students are eligible to take the state certification exam and will have access to job placement assistance. With its comprehensive curriculum and commitment to student success, William and Johnson Career College is the perfect choice for anyone looking to begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Price: $0
Address: 4400 Hickory Hill Rd.
Memphis, TN 38141
Phone: 901.650.7340
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Christian-based courses.

The Healthcare Readiness Institute

The Healthcare Readiness Institute offers a unique CNA program designed for individualized teaching in a small learning community.

Led by experienced degreed instructors who care about student success, THRI offers differentiated teaching to meet all levels of student learning styles. With an affordable price of $800.00, the program includes all necessary materials for success and a focus on giving students the tools they need to succeed in healthcare.

Students in the program benefit from a focused learning environment that emphasizes “soft skills” necessary for healthcare settings. THRI uses an educational format that helps students retain information and prepares them for success on the State written and skills tests. Financial assistance may also be available through the American Job Center Equus Workforce solutions.

Price: $800
Address: 3540 Summer Avenue Ste. 203
Memphis, TN 38122
Phone: 901.246.8613
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: Financial assistance available for qualified students.

Training Hearts Academy

Training Hearts Academy is proud to offer a variety of healthcare-related programs for those interested in learning about safety and for future professionals alike. With courses ranging from nursing assistant training to comprehensive first aid programs, students can expect extensive training from licensed professionals.

The instructors provide hands-on activities and real-life experiences to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education. Founded by licensed nurse, Tara Hamer-Boddy, who has over 25 years of experience in the field, Training Hearts Academy aims to become one of the top training facilities in the Memphis area.

Price: Contact the school for fee information.
Address: 4466 Elvis Presley Blvd. Suite 149
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: 901.512.7429
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Speedy 14-day certification program for nursing assistants.

Sincere Healthcare Institute

At Sincere Healthcare Institute, the mission is to prepare competent nursing staff who can provide safe patient care with compassion. The institution’s vision is to be recognized as an educational leader that values understanding and sensitivity to students and their families, the latest practices of care and education, promotion and improvement of the community’s service, and engagement with persons and organizations working for students’ benefit.

The institute is committed to offering an excellent internal culture and environment that encourages both professional and personal growth.

Price: $1,206 – does not include background check, drug screening, or TB test
Address: 5507 Winchester Road Suite 2
Memphis, TN 38115
Phone: 901.512.6290
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Payment plans and tuition assistance available.

The Allegiant Institute of Healthcare Solutions LLC

The Allegiant Institute of Healthcare Solutions LLC in Memphis offers CNA classes that prepare students to provide quality care for patients in a variety of healthcare settings. The curriculum includes classroom and clinical instruction covering basic nursing skills, patient care techniques, and communication skills.

Students benefit from small class sizes, experienced instructors, and hands-on training in a supportive environment. The Allegiant Institute of Healthcare Solutions LLC is committed to providing a high-quality education and helping students achieve their career goals.

Price: Contact the school for current fees.
Address: 3850 Viscount Ave.
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: 901.654.8183
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Small class sizes of ten students.

Mid-South Career Training Center

Mid-South Career Training Center offers a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program that focuses on providing students with the knowledge they need to succeed. The center encourages students to grow and learn by offering a curriculum that reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of both instructors and participants.

With a wide range of courses and programs, Mid-South Career Training Center caters to individuals and groups of all ages and academic levels. Students can browse the center’s site to learn more about their offerings and are encouraged to get in touch if they have any questions.

Price: Contact the school for more information.
Address: 2546 Appling Rd.
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: 901.833.7084
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Modern facilities.

Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center

At the Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center, students interested in becoming Certified Nurse Assistants can gain training in various subject areas. These include caring for patients and assisting with daily activities such as bathing and dressing, performing basic nursing responsibilities, controlling infections, understanding safety and emergency procedures, and caring for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

After completing the program, graduates can work full-time providing basic care for patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. As care is provided around the clock, schedules may include nights, weekends, and holidays.

Before entering the program, students must meet basic academic requirements in math and reading, comply with state requirements, including a criminal background check, and complete a training program meeting federal content requirements. Students are also required to register with the state regulatory authority.

As a Job Corps student, individuals have the opportunity to earn credentials in their training area that may lead to greater employment opportunities, higher wages, and promotions.

Price: $0
Address: 1555 McAlister Dr.
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: 800.133.5627
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Practical, on-the-job training.

The Excel Center: Goodwill of Memphis

The Excel Center, a program offered by Goodwill Memphis, is a leading educational center in Memphis, TN that offers a range of programs including Certified Nursing Assistant courses. The center is directed by Erica Peete, who is committed to helping individuals acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen field. With a supportive environment and experienced instructors, The Excel Center empowers students to achieve their educational and career aspirations.

Price: Contact the school for more information.
Address: 6895 Stage Rd.
Memphis TN 38133
Phone: 901.323.6221
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Multiple certification options for adults.

How Much Do CNAs Get Paid in Memphis?

The average salary for CNAs in Memphis is $32,430 per year or $15.59 per hour according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This wage is higher than the Tennessee state average of $31,600 and it is much higher than the U.S. average of $36,220 annually.

CNAs EmployedAvg. Annual PayAvg. Hourly Pay
United States1,310,090$36,220$17.41

How Much Do CNA Courses Cost in Memphis?

The cost of CNA courses in Memphis, Tennessee can vary depending on several factors such as the type of institution offering the program, the length of the program, and the level of support services offered by the institution. Based on our extensive research of schools in the area, you can typically expect to pay between $800 and $1,300 for CNA classes in Memphis. There may be additional costs at some of these programs, so be sure to look into the breakdown of costs and what’s covered like textbooks, uniforms, lab fees, etc.

Job Opportunities for CNAs in Memphis

As of the most recent Bureau of Labor and Statistics report, they are approximately 4,670 CNAs working in the Memphis area. As the population in Tennessee ages, healthcare needs will continue. This should set up a very strong job market for CNAs in the Memphis area. View the types of places of employment nurse assistants in the Memphis area are most likely to be working in:

Industry TypeMemphis Total Employment
Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)1,673
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals1,373
Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly500
Home Health Care Services297
Employment Services138
Individual and Family Services129
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals93
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)92
Offices of Physicians62
Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)57
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)50
Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities42
Outpatient Care Centers42
Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals32
Elementary and Secondary Schools23
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools16

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