CNA Classes San Diego, CA

CNAs are essential members of healthcare teams in San Diego and beyond, often found at the forefront of healthcare delivery in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. As a CNA in San Diego, you’ll be joining the ranks of a vital and in-demand profession, at the heart of an industry that touches every one of us. Not only that, but becoming a CNA in San Diego offers a great opportunity to break into the healthcare industry and start a meaningful career with a strong job outlook.

  1. In San Diego, the average CNA makes over $20.39 per hour
  2. There are over 9,290 people currently working as CNAs in San Diego
  3. Some CNA programs offer job placement, meaning you can earn your certification and begin working in as little as one month

A CNA assists patients with daily activities, takes vital signs, helps with meals, provides mobility assistance under the supervision of RNs and LPNs, maintains patient rooms, answers call lights, communicates with patients and families, and plays a key role in the healthcare team to ensure patient care.

This webpage offers various CNA classes in San Diego for you to find the best program that fits your needs.

CNA Requirements in San Diego

To earn your CNA certification in San Diego you’ll need to complete a California state-accredited program that meets the state’s required educational hours.

  • 160 total hours
    • 60 classroom hours
    • 100 clinical hours

In addition to classroom hours, you’ll also need to meet these minimum requirements.

  • 16+ years old
  • Pass a background check
  • Proof of immunization
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass the California CNA exam
  • Get listed on the California CNA registry

Find the Best CNA Classes Near San Diego

Want to become a CNA in San Diego? We’ve narrowed down the best programs for you, considering factors like reputation, flexibility, and student satisfaction. Programs cater to busy working professionals and recent high school graduates. Here’s a quick look at our top ten programs. More detail can be found below.

1Healthcare Science Academy619.882.0421
2Eastlake Medical College619.591.9358
3San Diego College of Continuing Education619.388.4956
4International Health Group858.278.9800
5San Diego Medical College619.271.0700
6Fast Track Medical Training Center858.228.7564
7Pacific Health Education Center858.397.2597
8South Bay CNA School619.832.4404
9California Medical College858.357.8800
10Global CNA & Healthcare Educational Center619.274.5698

Best CNA Program in San Diego

Healthcare Science Academy

Healthcare Science Academy’s Nurse Assistant Training Program is a comprehensive and fully approved course by the California Department of Public Health that adheres to all federal and state training requirements. This program is tailored to prepare students for successful certification as a CNA in California.

With structured end dates and multiple start dates offered every month, students can have peace of mind knowing when they will complete their training. In addition, this program provides hands-on experience at clinical sites, giving students the opportunity to work with real patients. The program also offers various scholarships and financing options, including merit-based and needs-based awards to help make this program accessible to everyone.

The standard weekday program can be completed in 22 days while the part-time/weekend program takes 40 days to complete.

Price: $100 deposit to start – inquire for the current total cost by contacting the school.
Address: 330 Oxford Street Suite 208
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone: 619.882.0421
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: Multiple start dates throughout the year makes for easy scheduling.

Best 4 Week CNA Classes in San Diego

Eastlake Medical College

Why take four weeks when you can complete your CNA certification in a mere 16 days? Eastlake Medical College offers you the fastest path to a CNA certification in San Diego.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a rewarding career in healthcare? Look no further than Eastlake Medical College’s CNA course, where you’ll receive the training and education necessary to pass the State of California Nurse Assistant Certification Examination. This program combines classroom instruction with hands-on clinical experience in real long-term care facilities, providing you with a well-rounded education and the necessary skills to excel in your new career.

Price: $1,160 for tuition, does not include $100 exam fee and $47 fingerprint fee for a background check.
Address: 2572 Waterline Way
Chula Vista, CA 91914
Phone: 619.591.9358
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: The school has a 97% passing rate for the California CNA exam. Payment plans are available.

Low-Cost CNA Classes in San Diego

San Diego College of Continuing Education

You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal on a CNA program than the one you’ll get at San Diego College of Continuing Education. With no tuition fees, students are just left to cover ancillary costs as they receive a top-notch education in preparation for the California CNA exam. The total program takes between 250 and 300 hours and can be completed in as little as eight weeks.

Price: Technically, free, but students will need to cover approximately $400 in costs for books, uniforms, and exams.
Address: 7 locations in San Diego – see them all here.
Phone: 619.388.4956
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Students must attend a 2.5-hour orientation prior to program admittance.

International Health Group **Free CNA Classes in San Diego

Unleash your full potential and and become a certified nursing assistant with the International Health Group. This program is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed, not just in the classroom, but in your career as well. Whether you need flexible scheduling or a program that is tailored to fit your lifestyle, IHG has you covered.

Price: No cost for students who qualify for sponsorship. Students must agree to a one-year contract working with a sponsor after earning their certification. Without a scholarship, the total program cost is $2,020 which includes the state exam fee.
Address: 8787 Complex Drive Suite B100
San Diego, California 92123
Phone: 858.278.9800
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: Immediate employment opportunities are available for those who qualify for sponsorship.

CNA Classes in San Diego has a complete listing of every provider of free CNA classes in San Diego. Each program has eligibility requirements and restrictions, but they are worth researching.

San Diego Medical College

San Diego Medical College offers a comprehensive Nurse Assistant Training and Assessment Program designed to prepare students for the State of California Nurse Assistant Certification Examination. The curriculum meets all federal and state training requirements and includes both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice.

Upon successful completion of the class, students are eligible to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam at one of our approved testing sites. With the program approved by the California Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification, students can rest assured they will receive the highest quality education and training.

Price: $1,300
Address: 6780 Miramar Road suite #204
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 619.271.0700
Job Placement: Yes
Additional Features: Only $100 registration fee to begin the program.

Fast Track Medical Training Center

Fast Track Medical Training Center offers a comprehensive Nursing Assistant program that provides students with both classroom and clinical training in the fundamentals of safe and knowledgeable patient care. From taking vital signs to performing personal care tasks, this program covers all the essentials of nursing procedures. And with the addition of Adult CPR training and job assistance services, students will have everything they need to succeed.

The program is designed to prepare students for the California State Nurse Assistant Competency Evaluation Testing Program, as well as provide the job skills and attitudes necessary for competent caregivers. Upon successful completion, graduates will become a Certified Nurse Assistant, eligible for employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

Price: $1,500
Address: 6160 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92120
Phone: 858.228.7564
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Additional classes available to transition from a CNA to a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

Pacific Health Education Center

The Pacific Health Educational Center (PHEC) is a leading provider of CNA classes in San Diego. With its establishment in 2010 and approval from the California Department of Public Health, PHEC offers comprehensive training and education programs to aspiring nursing and healthcare professionals. Students receive hands-on training from experienced instructors and personalized guidance, allowing them to achieve success in their careers. PHEC is a state-authorized test site for CNAs, boasting a consistent high-passing rate. Whether you’re a newcomer to the field or seeking to enhance your skills, join the PHEC community and make a positive impact in nursing and healthcare.

Price: $1,975
Address: 9466 Black Mountain Road, Suite 260
San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: 858.397.2597
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Also offers continuing education units to help CNAs maintain their licenses.

South Bay CNA School

South Bay CNA School is an approved 22-day program for nursing assistant training in National City, California. Offered within the Paradise Valley Manor and Health Care Center, students receive both classroom and clinical training in a single location, with an experienced LVN/Charge Nurse serving as their instructor.

The classes are certified by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and has a flexible approach, allowing students to work at their own pace. Payment arrangements can also be customized to fit each student’s budget. Year-round classes are available, and students can join the program at any time.

Price: $750
Address: 2575 E. 8th St.
National City, CA 91950
Phone: 619.832.4404
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Hybrid-online CNA classes available.

California Medical College

California Medical College offers a flexible and comprehensive solution for those seeking a career as a nursing assistant. Their weekend Nursing Assistant Training and Assessment Program is designed to help individuals make a positive career change in just 170 hours.

Classes are taught over weekends and include both theory and practical training, covering topics such as laws and ethics, communication, patient care, and more. Students receive hands-on experience in various types of care facilities, preparing them for the California certification exam. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or take your skills to the next level, California Medical College’s Weekend Nursing Assistant Program is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Price: Contact the school for current fees.
Address: 7851 Mission Center Court, Suite 326
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 858.357.8800
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Weekend CNA course and CNA/HHA weekday courses are available.

Global CNA & Healthcare Educational Center

Global CNA & Healthcare Educational Center is a top-notch provider of CNA and healthcare training in San Diego, founded by a group of five dedicated individuals who sought to offer accessible, affordable, and high-quality education within the community of Mira Mesa and surrounding areas. With a focus on adapting to the changing landscape of healthcare, the center is dedicated to producing highly qualified CNAs and healthcare professionals.

The core value of the center is to provide outstanding education and excellent training through creative teaching methods. Its mission is to empower students to find meaning in their lives through confident, active, and skilled learning in a supportive environment. The vision is for all graduates of the center to achieve individual success and thrive in the healthcare industry for a lifetime.

Price: Contact the school for current fees.
Address: 9625 Black Mountain Rd. Suite #207
San Diego, Ca.  92126
Phone: 619.274.5698
Job Placement: No
Additional Features: Online enrollment available.

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

How Much Do CNAs Get Paid in San Diego?

The average salary for CNAs in San Diego is 17.10% higher than the average salary in the United States. How much is that exactly? Annually that works out to $42,420 or $20.39 per hour. On the top end of the pay scale, the top 10% of CNAs in San Diego will make $51,820 or more.

CNAs EmployedAvg. Annual PayAvg. Hourly Pay
San Diego9,290$42,420$20.39
United States1,310,090$36,220$17.41

How Much Do CNA Courses Cost in San Diego?

On average, you’ll pay around $1,250 to $1,500 for CNA classes in San Diego. It’s worth looking into financial aid and work-sponsor options if you want to reduce your total costs. Be sure to investigate what’s included with the program’s price, however, as some will include the cost of registration, textbooks, and supplies while others will not.

Job Opportunities for CNAs in San Diego

8,560 of the 68,180 CNAs in California are working in the San Diego metro area. There are 6.2 CNAs out of every 1,000 employees in the San Diego area, which is 50% or less than the number in other major metro areas like Boston or Philadelphia. As you can see, there are a lot of job opportunities for CNAs in the area, which makes it a great time to break into the healthcare field as a nursing assistant.

Where do CNAs work in San Diego?

Industry TypeTotal Employment
Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)3,067
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals2,516
Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly917
Home Health Care Services544
Employment Services253
Individual and Family Services236
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals170
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OES Designation)169
Offices of Physicians114
Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)105

Helpful links for San Diego CNAs

Finding a local CNA class in the San Diego area is critical to becoming a CNA, but if you are still in the research phase of learning more about the profession or the requirements to gain your certification, we suggest the following links:

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