Free CNA Practice Test #4

This CNA practice test sample has 70 questions and you will have 90 minutes to complete it. Please keep in mind that you cannot pause the test to keep your place or save. This has been done to mimic the actual testing experience. However, test takers are welcome to take the test when that have spare time just to get used to the types of questions asked and the format, even if the CNA test is not completely finished. When you are ready click the “Start” button.

Those aspiring to be Certified Nursing Assistants must go through a CNA program, accredited by their state. Once the program hours are completed, candidates must take and pass a CNA exam. Additionally, some states have follow up requirements for CNAs to maintain their CNA status and stay listed on the respective state’s CNA registry.

Each state has a different protocol and department for who handles the administration of the CNA exam. Some states manage the exam on their own, others outsource to a third party testing vendor such as Headmaster. Regardless of the test oversight, nearly all 50 states have a CNA exam structure where there is a written portion of the exam and then a clinical or skills portion. The tests on this site represent sample questions from the written portion. Our goal is to have you prepare an unlimited amount of times for your CNA exam. Good luck!

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.