HESI A2 Reading Comprehension Practice Test

Before being admitted to a nursing school program, you will likely need to pass the HESI A2 test or a different nursing school entrance exam. The HESI A2 is comprised of different test sections, one being reading comprehension. You can take a free HESI A2 reading comprehension practice test by clicking the start quiz button below.

This is the reading section of our HESI A2 sample test. This section covers sample Paragraph Comprehension related questions on the HESI A2 test. You will have 22 minutes to answer 11 questions. When you are ready, click the “Start Quiz” button below.

The reading comprehension section of the HESI exam tests your ability to analyze text for details and form conclusions based on the information contained within the text.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

A few general rules of thumb that you can follow while taking the reading comprehension section of the HESI A2.

  1. Read the question before reading through the text of a paragraph. This may make identifying the key information in the paragraph much easier if you have read the question first.
  2. Weed out irrelevant answers. Try to identify which answers are not correct early on. This can help you answer the questions more quickly. and gives you a better chance if you need to guess.
  3. Highlight important details. If you have a pencil, you can underline important details in the text that you need to answer the question. This helps simply the problem at hand and helps you focus in on the important information in the paragraph.
  4. Take your time. Re-read the paragraph if you need to. Skip the question and come back to it later. Whatever you do, do not rush through the question, especially if you have plenty of time left on the clock.

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