Minnesota Nurse Aide Registry

Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry
MDH/F&P Comp. Div., NAR
P.O. Box 64501
St. Paul, MN 55164-64501
PH: (651) 215-8705 Press 9
(800) 397-6124 (in-state only)

Nursing assistants that meet training and/or testing standards to work as CNAs in certified boarding care and nursing homes are listed on the Nursing Assistant Registry. In addition, CNAs with substantiated findings of neglect, abuse, and theft are also listed on the Minnesota CNA Registry. The Nursing Assistant Registry is maintained by the Minnesota Department of Health.

How to Become a new CNA in Minnesota

In order to become a CNA in Minnesota, an individual must successfully complete a training program for nursing assistants that has been approved by the state of Minnesota. Once the training program is completed, the individual must successfully pass the knowledge and skills exams of the competency evaluation program. To take the competency evaluation program exams, an individual must fill out an application to test, which is available with the test site or nursing assistant/home health aide training program site.

Online Verification of MN Nursing Assistant Certification

Nursing homes or certified board care homes in Minnesota must verify the status of a nursing assistant with the NAR before allowing the person to work as a nursing assistant. If the nursing assistant has a lapsed certificate, the employer must get in touch with the NAR in Minnesota to check if the respective nursing assistant meets the eligibility criteria to change their registry status to active.

  • Nursing assistant students can be hired as CNAs if they complete the course and competency test and get placed on the Minnesota Registry within four (4) months of hiring.
  • Graduates of a NA training program who have passed both parts of the competency evaluation program but are waiting to be placed on the registry can be hired to work as CNAs if they can provide the fax back score report that proves that the individual has passed both parts of the test. The employer needs to verify their placement on the MNAR (Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry) when 4 weeks have lapsed since the individual has passed the competency evaluation program.

Online verification of MN Nursing Assistant Certification

Minnesota Nursing Assistant Certification Renewal

Nursing assistants are required to renew their certification every 24 months. They will remain active on the registry if they have proof of having performed for pay a minimum of 8 hours of nursing-related services within their last 24-month certification period. Lapsed nursing assistant certificates cannot be extended beyond 24 months in Minnesota.

Nursing Assistant Registry Update Form

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

Out-of-state CNA Certification by Endorsement

Nursing assistants certified out-of-state can transfer their certification to the CNA registry in Minnesota upon completing the Interstate Endorsement Forms. Their certification in their home state must be active and in good standing to be eligible for certification by endorsement in MN. Out-of-state nursing assistant cannot work as CNAs in Minnesota if their name is not added to the registry.

Interstate Endorsement Forms (PDF)