New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry

New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry
NJ Department of Health
Certification Program – Certificate of Need and Licensing
P.O. Box 358
25 South Stockton Street, Trenton, NJ 08608-1832
Phone: 866-561-5914
Fax: 609-633-9087

The Department of Health regulates the credentialing of nurse aides in the state of New Jersey and maintaining the New Jersey CNA registry. PSI Services has been contracted to administer examinations for Certified Nurse Aides in New Jersey. Nurse aides are not required to be certified in order to be eligible to work in an acute care hospital, but they must be certified if they want to be eligible to provide CNA services in a long-term care facility.

Certification for First-time CNAs in New Jersey

An individual seeking to become a Certified Nurse Aide in New Jersey must:

  • complete successfully a state approved NATCEP,
  • pass skills and knowledge testing, and
  • clear a background check.

NATCEP refers to Nurse Aide in Long Term Care Facilities Training and Competency Evaluation Program. In New Jersey, NTACEPs consist of 90 hours, i.e., 40 clinical hours and 50 classroom hours. Candidates can schedule their knowledge test only after they have passed the skills test, which is typically arranged by their program instructors. 

Renewal of New Jersey Nurse Aide Certificate

Every 24 months, nurse aides must renew their certificate and update their status on the NJ Nurse Aide Registry. Eligibility requirements for certificate renewal include:

  • An active nurse aide certificate;
  • No suspension or revocation;
  • Completion of a criminal background check prior to the date of expiration;
  • Completion of 7 hours of paid nursing-related services within the 24 months prior to the certificate expiration date.

Candidates will receive a renewal reminder along with a renewal form 60 days prior to expiration date on their certificate.

Candidate Bulletin

Nurse Aide Certificate Reinstatement

Nurse aides whose certification is expired more than five (5) years can reinstate their certificate by requesting a waiver from the Department of Health. Furthermore, they must re-train and successfully pass both the skills evaluation and written examination. 

Nurse aides whose certification is expired less than five (5) years can reinstate their certification by requesting a waiver from the Department of health. Furthermore, they must successfully pass both the skills evaluation and written examination. The respective candidates have one attempt to re-testing. If they fail either part of the exam, they must retrain before retesting again.

Candidate Bulletin

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

Certification by Reciprocity

Individuals who are certified as nurse aides in another state can transfer their certification to the New Jersey CNA registry if they:

  • provide proof of completion of a NATCEP equivalent to the NATCEP in NJ
  • do not have any findings of neglect, abuse, or misappropriation of resident property
  • clear a background check

To apply for certification by reciprocity, call 1-877-774-4243.

Application by Reciprocity Information

Online License Verification & Lookup

Looking up or verifying a CNA license number can be done on the New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry website.

New Jersey CNA license lookup & verification instructions.