New York Nursing Aide Registry

New York Nursing Home Nurse Aide Registry
NY State Department of Health – Bureau of Professional Credentialing
161 Delaware Ave., Delmar, NY 12054-1393
Phone: (518) 408-1297
The online Nurse Aide Registry is managed by Prometric.
License Verification: (800) 918-8818

The regulating body for CNA registry in New York is the NYS Department of Health. The development and administration of the Competency Examination for Nursing Home Nurse Aides has been assigned to Prometric, which is also responsible for managing the Nursing Home Nurse Aide Registry.

Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in New York

To be placed on the New York CNA Registry, an individual must enroll in a training program approved by the New York State. After successfully completing such a program, the individual must pass both parts of the competency examination, which includes a practical portion (clinical skills exam) and a theoretical portion (written/oral exam). There are other routes that candidates can pursue if they which to work as CNAs in New York. The details are found in the candidate information bulletin, which is downloadable on the Prometric website.

Certification Renewal in New York

Nursing Home Nurse Aide Certificates expire every 24 months. The expiration date is the last day of the month in which the previous certificate has been issued. Prometric mails a reminder 45 days before the expiration date of the certificate. It is essential that any changes in your name or home address are addressed prior to the reminder notice being sent out. In order to be eligible for renewal, candidates must have performed paid work as a CNA for a minimum of 7 (seven) hours in the previous certification period. The work must be performed at a NYS-approved nurse aide employer or in a NYS nursing home.

Certification Renewal Application

Lapsed Nurse Aide Certificate Reinstatement

A previously certified nurse aide must retrain or retest if:

  • The respective NA does not meet the eligibility criteria for certification renewal, or
  • The respective NA’s employer is not approved by the NYSDOH.

Online Application

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

Certification Transfer for Out of State CNAs

Certification transfer from another state’s registry is possible through reciprocity given that the candidate has an active and in good standing certificate in another state. To be eligible for certification via this route, the candidate must fill out and submit an application form along with the appropriate fees. Proof of employment is required if the certifying state does not provide expiration dates on its registry. Candidates must have performed paid work as a CNA for a minimum of 7 (seven) hours in the previous certification period.

Online CNA License Lookup & Verification

Verifying a CNA license number can be done on the New York Nurse Aide Registry website.

New York CNA license lookup & verification instructions