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Rhode Island Nursing Assistant Registry
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The Rhode Island Department of Health is regulating the program curriculum and licensing of nursing assistants and maintaining the CNA registry in Rhode Island. Specific requirements must be met prior to taking examinations and requiring certification/licensing.

Licensing as a Nursing Assistant in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Health states that candidates who wish to obtain licenses as nursing assistants in the State of Rhode Island, must first:

  • Complete a state-approved CNA program that is at least 100 hours long, including 20 hours of clinical practice
  • Pass the knowledge and skills evaluations of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program.

License Renewal for Rhode Island Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants can renew their licensure online in minutes. Renewal is required every 24 months and re-testing and re-application for licensure are not required if candidates renew on a timely basis. Candidates must provide evidence of having completed 8 (eight) hours of paid services in a CNA role in the last 24-month certification period.

Renew online

Lapsed Licensure Reinstatement in Rhode Island

Nursing Assistant licensure lapses if the holder fails to renew on time or if the holder does not meet the employment criterium for renewal, i.e., 8 (eight) hours of paid services in a CNA role in the last 24-month certification period. reinstatement of a lapsed licensure can only be achieved by retaking the skills and knowledge examinations of the NNAAP and reapplying for licensing.

Application for Licensure by Examination

Out-of-state CNA Certification Transfer

Nursing assistants who are certified in another state may apply for license by endorsement which will transfer their certification from their home state’s registry to the CNA registry in Rhode Island. However, their status on the home state’s registry must be active and in good standing. Also, candidates must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

  • The completion of a CNA program of minimum 100 hours, including 20 hours of clinical practice. They must provide evidence that clearly states the total number of hours as well as the total number of clinical practice hours.
  • The completion of the 3 months of full-time employment within the last 12 months, including 1 hour of in-service experience for each month of employment.

Application for License by Endorsement