South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry

South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry
South Dakota Board of Nursing
4305 S. Louise Ave., Ste. 201
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-3124
Phone: (605) 362-2760
Fax: (605) 362-2768

The South Dakota Board of Nursing and the Department of Health are responsible for regulating the status of nurse aides in the state of South Dakota. In South Dakota, the competency evaluations are carried out by Headmaster LLP under contract with the South Dakota Health Care Association.

Certification for NEW CNAs in South Dakota

The procedure for candidates to acquire initial nurse aide certification in the CNA registry in South Dakota entails the following steps:

  • Enrolling into and completing a CNA program approved by the SD Board of Nursing, which is typically at least 75 hours long and includes 16 hours of clinical experience.
  • Applying to take the competency evaluation through Headmaster LLP, aka D&S Diversified Technologies.
  • Taking and passing the knowledge and practical exams of the competency evaluation.

Upon obtaining passing scores in both parts of the competency examination, candidates will be listed in the SD nurse Aide Registry and thus become eligible for employment as nurse aides in South Dakota.

Other Certification Routes for Nurse Aide in South Dakota

  • Training waivers are available for nursing students who may apply directly for examination;
  • Training and examination waivers are available for licensed nurses (LPNs and RNs);
  • Training and examination waivers are NOT available for other healthcare providers, such as medical assistants, EMTs, or respiratory therapists.

Certification Renewal for South Dakota CNAs

Certificates awarded to nurse aides by the SD Board of Nursing are valid for 24 months. Candidates are required to renew their certificates prior to or within a maximum of 90 days of the expiry date on their nurse aide certificate. The renewal application procedure can be completed both online and offline. The certification renewal is dependent on meeting the following requirement:

  • The completion of a minimum of 12 hours of paid nursing-related services AND the completion of a minimum of 12 hours of classes within the preceding 24-month certification period.

Certification Renewal Link

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

Lapsed Nurse Aide Certificate in South Dakota

Candidates who fail to meet the program and employment requirements for certification renewal must retake and pass the competency evaluation for their certificate to be reinstated. The same applies for candidates whose certificate has lapsed for longer than 90 days. Exceptions may be granted for nurse aides called to active military service.

Reinstatement Information

Certification by Endorsement for Out-of-state CNAs

Nurse aides who maintain an active and in good standing certificate in another state may acquire certification in the South Dakota CNA registry if they meet the eligibility criteria. They must fill out the first part of a certification by endorsement application form and send it out along with the second part to the registry of the state of initial certification. The respective registry will have to fill out the second part of the form and mail it to the SK Board of Nursing. Fees may apply.