TEAS 6 English Practice Test

Get ready for the English and language section of the TEAS test by taking our practice test below. The sample test is free to take and can help you prepare for the English questions on an upcoming TEAS 6 test for nursing school.

You can begin the practice test by clicking the start button below.

This practice test contains sample English questions from the TEAS test. You will have 8 minutes to answer 16 questions. Click on the “Start Test” button below to begin the test. You will not be able to pause the test once started.

The English section of the TEAS test covers questions related to word knowledge, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. The test is made up of 28 questions, which must be completed within 28 minutes – so exactly 1 minute per question.

The TEAS 6 English section is made up of three different question types:

  • Knowledge of Language – 9 questions
  • Vocabulary Acquisition – 10 questions
  • Conventions of Standard English – 9 questions

We’ll cover each question type in greater detail below:

Knowledge of Language

Knowledge of language questions focus on one’s ability to assess how writing is structured and then make recommendations based on that information. You may be presented with a sentence and asked the proper way to edit or add on to that sentence. The TEAS 6 English test is made up of 9 Knowledge of Language questions.

Vocabulary Acquisition

You may see questions structured as word matching questions, or questions that ask you if two words are similar, contradictory, or unrelated. While you may be able to answer these questions fairly quickly, it is important to carefully review all options available and take your time on these questions. Vocabulary questions make up 10 of the 28 total English questions.

Conventions of Standard English

Conventions of Standard English questions focus on your understanding of proper grammar, spelling, and use of grammar and spelling in a sentence. This may test your understanding of punctuation use, your knowledge of similar words with different spellings (dessert vs desert), and proper use of these words in language. These questions make up 9 of the 28 English questions on the TEAS 6.

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