Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Texas Nurse Aide Registry
Nurse Aide Registry
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Austin, TX 78714-9030
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In the state of Texas, the Texas Health and Human Services is responsible for reviewing and approving Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs and administering nurse aide competency evaluation programs.

Initial Certification for Nurse Aides in Texas

Individuals who seek to work as nurse aides in Texas need to become certified and be placed on the Texas CNA Registry. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Complete a state-approved CNA program and pass the competency evaluation program; Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPS) in Texas must consist of a minimum of 100 hours, including 60 hours of classroom learning and 40 hours of clinical practice in a nursing facility.
  2. Qualify for placement on the TNAR by reciprocity or waiver.

Certification Renewal for Texas Nurse Aides

Texas Certified Nurse Aides must renew their certificate every 24 months. Renewal is granted based on the completion of 24 hours of in-service education in the past 24 months. Only 12 hours of the required 24 hours may be performed outside of healthcare facilities licensed/certified by HHS, the Texas Department of State Health Services or the Texas Board of Nursing.

Expired Certificate

Expired certificates can be reactivated if the nurse aide can provide proof of qualifying employment. Without verification of qualifying employment, the nurse aide must retrain and/or retest. A nurse aide with an expired certificate is unemployable in a licensed nursing facility in Texas.

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Online CNA License Lookup and Verification

Lookup up a CNA license for an individual or verifying a CNA license in Texas can all be done on the Texas nurse aide registry website.

Instructions for looking up or verifying a Texas CNA license number

Revoked Certificate

Nurse aides with a revoked certificate are unemployable in a licensed nursing facility in Texas. a nurse aide certificate is revoked based on findings that substantiate neglect, abuse, or misappropriation of resident property.

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Suspended Certificate

Nurse aides featured as suspended on the registry are unemployable in the EMR, which means they are unemployable in a facility or agency regulated by the Health and Human Services.

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The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

Certification by Reciprocity for Out-of-state CNAs

Out of state CNAs may qualify for certification by reciprocity if their status is active and in good standing in the CNA registry in Texas and if they complete the required documentation.

Application for Certification by Reciprocity