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When CNA students are preparing for their clinical trial, they often have many questions about the CNA uniform. What should I wear? Do I need to wear a CNA scrub shirt and pants or can I wear something else? What if my CNA school gives me a different outfit? In this blog post, we will answer these questions as well as provide some additional information on what other clothing items you may want to bring with you.

What are CNAs typically expected to wear on the job?

The CNA scrubs typically consist of a top that has short sleeves and long pants (open bottoms). This type of CNA uniform is more commonly seen in hospitals than it is at nursing homes because the patients are used to dealing with medical professionals in proper uniforms.

One important thing to mention is that CNAs are not permitted to wear any jewelry or cologne/perfume while working. While this may seem like an obvious rule, it’s one of the most common mistakes made by students in their clinical trials. The reason for this restriction is because both colognes and perfumes can mask certain smells that the CNA is trying to detect.

If you’re looking for the best scrubs for nurses, here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Find a brand that offers a variety of sizes and styles (i.e., men’s or women’s).
  • Try on different brands until you find one that fits well without restricting your movement.
  • If it feels too tight, try another size up until you find something comfortable but not baggy either.
  • Look out for colors that will stand out and make it easy for patients/clients to identify who you are.
  • Look for scrubs that have the right materials. You will most likely need medical-grade cotton, but you can also use polyester to keep your body heat under control if it’s quite hot outside.

If you find something comfortable and presentable, you will be more confident in performing your duties as a nursing assistant.

What if I don’t have my CNA scrub shirt and pants?

If you are issued different clothing from your school for the clinical trial then there is nothing wrong with wearing that in place of scrubs on the day-of. However, if you are not given any clothing or only given an outfit that is completely different from what CNAs typically wear, such as a corset top and jeans for example, then please avoid wearing this type of attire. This may confuse the patients who will think you don’t have credentials to do your job.

What other clothes should I bring with me?

Some CNAs like to have back-up clothing so that if they spill something on their clothes, or sweat excessively and need a change of cothing. It’s also good to bring the following items:

  • A black skirt for when you’re not in cuffs but want an easy way to cover up your bottoms
  • Extra cuffs
  • A corset top or corsette for when you’re not wearing scrubs, but want something to cover your stomach.
  • Belt (to hold up pants) and a belt-loop clip so that the student can wear their scrub shirt tucked in on days where they are doing clinical trials instead of open cuffed sleeves.

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.


Having the proper gear is not only a requirement, it can also help improve the safety of your patients. If you are planning on attending CNA clinical trials in order to get certified, be sure to put together an outfit that includes scrubs and shoes appropriate for working with pathogens. Not having these items could result in low-quality care or even contamination of other people’s medical instruments. Investing some time into picking out what you will wear should give you peace of mind as well as provide a higher level of quality when caring for others. We have included links below if you’re looking for some new scrub uniforms!

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