Vermont Nurse Aide Registry

Vermont Nursing Assistant Registry
Heritage Building, 81 River Street
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In Vermont, Certified Nurse Aides are referred to as Licensed Nursing Assistants or LNAs. The credentialing and licensing of LNAs is the responsibility of the Vermont Board of Nursing. In order to become licensed to work in Vermont as nursing assistants, candidates must meet examination and class requirements and maintain acceptable professional and legal backgrounds.

Becoming a new LNA in Vermont

Individuals who wish to be listed in the Vermont CNA registry and work as Licensed Nursing Assistants in Vermont must:

  • Enroll in and complete a Vermont-approved nursing assistant program
  • Pass both the knowledge and skills evaluations of the LNA certification exam

Typical LNA programs approved in Vermont consist of 75 hours, including 16 clinical hours. The 70 questions of the knowledge test must be answered in 90 minutes while the skills test checks 5 random clinical skills and should be completed in 30 minutes. The nursing assistant state examination can be taken at any of the regional test sites in the state.

Certification Renewal

Licenses must be renewed every 24 months in the state of Vermont. The main requirement for a Licensed Nursing Assistant to qualify for certification renewal is to have completed a minimum of 400 paid hours of nursing assistant practice within the last certification period. Nursing assistants who do not meet this requirement are required to take the state certification examinations.

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

Certification Transfer

For nursing assistants with an active and unencumbered certificate in another state, the CNA registry in Vermont offers certification by endorsement. However, the state in which they are certified must maintain qualifications and standards for the certification equivalent to those in place in the Vermont.

Application for Certification by Endorsement