Nurse Aide Registries

Each state is required by law to keep a record of the nursing assistants in each state. This was mandated by the 1987 law “The Omnibus Reconciliation Act”. Each state’s Nurse Aide Registry controls the evaluation programs for CNA testing as well as the state’s program content and certification. If a CNA has complaints on their record in terms of neglect or client abuse, the Nurse Aide Registry updates and maintains their records and makes them available within their permanent listings. The registry includes the following information on each person within its listings:

  • The Aide’s Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Any recorded cases of abuse or neglect against clients
  • Social Security number

For employers, this Nurse Aide registry allows them to verify whether the CNA is legally eligible to work in that state, which means they’re not only certified but also active as a CNA and free of any charges of client abuse or neglect. CNAs are also responsible for keeping their records updated, which is helpful for employers, but also for the CNAs particularly if they move state to state and continue seeking employment. If any of the following statuses change, nurse aides are required to contact their state registry.

  • If they move to another state
  • Legal name change (marriage or otherwise)
  • Initial verification that they are on the registry (after passing the CNA exam)
  • When their CNA certification is renewed
  • When they need a copy of their certification

How Do You Stay Active on the Nurse Aide Registry?

This is a common question among first time CNAs. A CNA certification is valid for the first two years (24 months) after the initial certification requirements are met. After that two year period, however, there are other requirements that must be met consistently to retain active status. To do so means you must work as a nurse aide for monetary compensation while providing direct patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse for at least eight hours every 24 months at a care facility such as a nursing home, Hospice, or home health agency. This can vary slightly state to state, so be sure to check with your state’s specific registry.

Nurse Aide Registry By State

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